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Jai Yen Yen System
Martial Arts &
Self Defense

Sensei of Jai Yen Yen


The Jai Yen Yen System is led by:
Shihan Michael D. Zang
9th Degree Black Belt

"I welcome each and every person who has a want or desire to learn to protect themselves or their family. My hope is that we can learn and grow together to make our lives safe and enjoyable through health, fitness and caring for others. Please remember that an open mind will always learn."
Michael D. Zang, Sensei

2009 Member Roster

Michael Zang - 9th Dan
Thomas Hooks III - 7th Dan
John Almendarez - 4th Dan
Stephanie Glover - 2nd Dan
Christopher Crum - 2nd Dan
Joshua Zang - 2nd Dan
Robert Zang - 2nd Dan
David Aguilar - 1st Dan
Ken Dill - 1st Dan
Guy Nuesca - 1st Dan
Brian Garcia - 1st Dan

If you are interested in learning Jai Yen Yen please email Shihan Zang for a list of those members who are currently teaching Jai Yen Yen. Instructors must be a Current Active Member of Jai Yen Yen to teach and issue Certified Certificates. This requirement protects the student, the instructor and the organization.

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